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homeless people and young professionals

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« Living at Lazarus turns day-to-day life into an extraordinary act of love! »

In 2006, two young people felt compelled to move out of their comfort zone to share a flat with homeless people in Paris. This first flatshare was a success and others soon followed. Today, more than 250 people across the globe have joined Lazarus homes to share this way of life together.

We run homes made up of separate flat shares for men and women. Half of the flatmates used to be homeless and in need of a place to live, and half are young professionals, in need of a life-changing experience. All choose freely to come together under one roof.

Our mission is to provide a stable and secure environment where people at risk of going back to the streets may regain their dignity and take back control of their lives. It is only on these solid foundations that homeless people can fully reintegrate into society.

London needs Lazarus!


beds are provided for emergency accommodation in London alone (Thames Reach, 2017)


people were seen rough sleeping by outreach workers in London during 2020/21 (CHAIN)


of homeless people suffer from loneliness (Charity Crisis)


of homeless people feel ashamed or invisible to others, leading nearly half to feel like they don’t deserve to be helped (Charity Crisis)

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Help us end homelessness in London. Your donations allow us to set up flatshares for homeless people.

Once we find a property and set up the home, all of our residents pay a low rent fee to cover running costs.


“I know that I'll never be alone again”


Everyone has a private bedroom in a single flat for 6 to 10 people

Maison - Association Lazare

Lazarus homes are located close to the city centre and can accommodate up to 45 people (flats, studios, family)

We also run semi-independent studios for residents who are ready to take another step towards autonomy.

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Experience the joy of living in a flatshare where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

Become a support family

At the heart of each of our homes is a support family that leads the home for 3 years.

Our homes

Our homes throughout the world

Typically, Lazarus homes are close to the city centre. Lazarus is already present in all main cities in France, as well as in Spain, Belgium, Mexico, and Switzerland. We are looking forward to opening the first Lazarus home in the UK!

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