Our story

How we began

In 2006, two young men decided they wanted to help homeless people living on the streets of Paris.


Etienne and Martin were driven by the belief that all people, whether young or old, living on the streets or in a home, all people need more than a roof over their heads, they need friendship and community. So, they decided to share a flat with four other men, three of whom had been living in a hostel or shelter. This was the very first flatshare bringing together homeless people and young professionals. More flatshares soon followed in Paris.


Seeing the success of the first flatshares, Étienne dreamt of opening homes beyond the French capital. So, in 2011, Lazarus was set up to open flatshares for homeless people all across France.


How we grew


From the humble beginnings of that first flatshare, Lazarus now runs homes in many French cities, as well as in Belgium, Spain, Mexico, and Switzerland.


During Lazarus’ first ten years, we touched the lives of hundreds of people, opening our homes and our hearts to people affected by homelessness.



So, what’s in store for Lazarus in the years to come? Let’s write the next chapter together!

“Were we all to adopt [the Lazarus model], we could potentially resolve homelessness for us all – because every human being needs a genuine loving home that truly meets their needs”.

Marc Brennan (Housing Justice)

Our impact


of flatmates feel accepted as they are today compared to 15% before coming to Lazarus


of flatmates say they have now found employment or developed new skills, whereas only 25% did so before arriving at Lazarus


of flatmates with an addiction feel supported, and 57% feel better about their addiction since joining Lazarus

Stories from our flatmates