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« We are not called to be successful, but faithful »
Mother Teresa

Everyone has the right to safe accommodation and experience the joys of friendship and community. That’s why Lazarus not only provides shelter but brings people together.


People who have experienced homelessness, young professionals, and families all find their place and dignity in our homes. Everyone plays an important part.


Who are the flatmates?

Our flatmates are people who have experienced homelessness and young professionals. Under one roof, flatmates share the little moments of day-to-day life that we often take for granted, and over time they build friendships and lasting connections. Flatmates cook, eat, and spend time together. They celebrate the highs and uplift each other during the lows. Together.


We treat all our flatmates equally – housework is divided fairly, and everyone pays the same affordable rent.


While young professionals commit to living in the flat for 1 year, former homeless people are welcome to stay for as long as they need to.


What is a support family?

Our support families have a key role in home life. Assisted by the Lazarus team, the couple leads the community and offers practical guidance to the flatmates. They usually stay in their role for 3 years while keeping up their usual responsibilities outside the home.


What is a Lazarus home?

The home is made up of single-sex flats and separate accommodation for a support family.


Our homes are ideally in a central location, with affordable rent. We offer private bedrooms for each flatmate, along with a shared kitchen, living room, and bathroom.





Famille responsable - Association Lazare

« Lazarus isn’t just something that we add to our life, on top of our job, family and pastimes – it’s something that changes it completely »

Aline and Guillaume Simian

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